Beyond our work with community fundraising clients, we are passionate about local business and local economies in general. Sure, the world is flat and the global marketplace is as accessible as the local marketplace, but we believe in the radical return to localism that has emerged over the last several years and is only going stronger. That belief fuels our work with local businesses and with anyone who believes in the power and potential of local economies throughout Michigan. Our project and consulting work focuses on three areas:

  • Helping local businesses develop overall business strategy and growth planning.
  • Assisting municipalities and other public entities in crafting policy relating to small business and local economic development.
  • Working with non-profits and public agencies on programs that grow Michigan's local business community and convert that growth into other economic victories like attracting and retaining talent, creating jobs, growing the tax base, improving public spaces and strengthening the state's core industries.

Feel free to contact us to chat about projects and consulting.