You've finished a community fundraise with us. Outstanding. Of course we won't just disappear after the money is in the bank. We will forever be an advocate and supporter of what you do, and we'll always sit down for a cup of green tea at the local tea shoppe to bounce ideas around. 

If you want more comprehensive ongoing advice, we offer post-funding advisory services, exclusive to community fundraising clients. Post-funding advisory is delivered as a cluster of the following services:

  • We'll review the status of the community investment in your business--how you've used the money you've raised, what level of return investors are receiving, the real cost of the investment to you, and how the investment is impacting your business, good and bad.
  • We'll review all company financials, with a focus on cash flow and opportunities to cut costs and grow revenues. This is a big one. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are constantly reminded about the value of an outside perspective to discover untapped potential and identify blind spots.
  • We'll look at your overall business plan. We believe in business plans and we think they work best as living documents reviewed regularly, particularly after a major event like a fundraise.
  • We'll analyze any current issues facing your business. Every business is different. Issues like staffing, vendor relationships, marketing strategies, space decisions, major asset purchases, and whatever else is on your mind, it's all on the table.

Once we've gone over all the relevant materials, we'll sit down for a face-to-face session to discuss everything and recommend 3-4 specific actions for you to take, along with methods for measuring the success of those actions. 

If you choose our post-funding advisory services, we'll set up an annual fixed-fee arrangement at the time you close your fundraise. It can either consist of four quarterly clusters, or two clusters six months apart.